- Dumbwaiters

- Table Height

- Floor Level Auto   bi-parting door

- Floor Level
  Swing door

- Dumbwaiter
  with conveyor

- Platform Lifts


- Inclined
- Straight
- Curved

- Screw/nut

Coming soon!

- Goods Hoists

- Safety Devices

- Multi-Car
  Parking Systems

Indoor hydraulic platform lift

Indoor hydraulic platform lift

Outdoor hydraulic platform lift
Hydraulic Platform Lift

Our hydraulic platform lift solutions can be customized to fit small spaces, or spaces with overhead or pit limitations. This make it an ideal solution for both new and existing buildings.

Both car and structure come in a wide variety of finishes with optional accessories to suit the requirements of each user.

The hydraulic platform lift comes with the following safety features:

- Interlock door system
- Full height safety curtain
- Anti-creep device
- Emergency return to first level
- Constant pressure button

The Hydraulic Platform Lift is also available in both indoor and outdoor options.


Capacity: 250 - 400kg

Speed: 0.15m/s

Power Supply: 230V, single-phase, 50Hz

Pit Depth (min): 120mm - 1400mm

Headroom (min): 2500mm

Structure options: Aluminum structure/
Reinforced concrete hoistway (by others)

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The above specifications are based on the manufacturers' basic configuration.
Actual solutions proposed may vary depending on each individual site conditions and customer requirements.
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