- Dumbwaiters

- Table Height

- Floor Level Auto  bi-parting door

- Floor Level
  Swing door

- Dumbwaiter
  with conveyor

- Platform Lifts

- Hydraulic

- Inclined
- Straight
- Curved


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- Goods Hoists

- Safety Devices

- Multi-Car
  Parking Systems

Indoor hydraulic platform lift

Indoor hydraulic platform lift

Outdoor hydraulic platform lift
Screw/Nut Platform Lift

Our screw/nut platform lift solution consist of a lifting platform and a standalone structure, making it ideal for projects which have architectural or space limitations.

The screw/nut platform lift structure cladding comes with either powder-coated steel panels or glass panels.

The screw/nut platform lift comes with the following safety features:

- Interlock door system
- Additional safety nut
- Safety edge along the platform
- Emergency stop button
- Constant pressure button

The screw/nut platform lift is also available in both indoor and outdoor options.


Capacity: 400kg

Speed: 0.15m/s

Power Supply: 400V, 3-phase, 50Hz

Pit Depth (min): 50mm

Headroom (min): 2240mm/ Optional half-height structure

Platform Size:
1000mm x 1480mm

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The above specifications are based on the manufacturers' basic configuration.
Actual solutions proposed may vary depending on each individual site conditions and customer requirements.
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